Contract award notices

Contract no Contract title Contractor's name Contract amount Signature date
HSSC-A Eco-toilet system in new land areas (Phase 2) Khemjilzui LLC ₮178,118,434.69 2022-11-14
SFS Shelter for victims of gender-based violence Aglut LLC ₮8,706,500,823.00 2022-11-14
FSBKH (re-bid) Construction of fire and rescue station for Bayankhoshuu subcenter /re-bid/ Enigma Construction LLC ₮7,934,410,273.25 2022-09-08
TBC /re-bid/ Training center in Tolgoit subcenter JV of MANDALT CONSTRUCTION LLC and ALTAIN BUMBAT URGUU LLC ₮5,403,692,510.37 2022-07-08
T3-CS03 External environmental monitoring Baruun Khuasai LLC ₮372,740,900.00 2022-06-20
SHTSC (re-bid) Water Supply Network and Sewerage System Secondary connection (Sharkhad) and heating secondary connection (Sharkhad) /re-bid/ JV of Energy Converter LLC and "Termomaster" LLC ₮4,788,444,363.16 2022-06-13
DAFPE "Dambadarjaa subcenter" area flood protection embankment JV of NewConstruction LLC and Tenuunkhas sar LLC ₮2,730,009,658.87 2022-04-04
HSSC-C Construction of water supply, sewerage and heating lines for public buildings and facilities in Bayankhoshuu sub-center S and A Trade LLC ₮3,132,123,439.80 2021-10-25
WSWWPDA Supply of water supply and sewerage pipes to Dambadarjaa sub-center Bayandurvulj LLC ₮1,590,359,106.13 2021-09-30
BDSC-BKH Construction of a sports complex in Bayankhoshuu sub-center JV of Standard Holding LLC, Tanii Zam LLC, Himon Construction LLC ₮15,107,201,431.00 2021-09-28
SCBA Site cleaning Bayankhoshuu subcenter Eco Erin tokhijilt LLC ₮153,720,000.00 2021-09-06
SHPM Lot 2 Truck and machinery for Selbe heating plant /Lot 2/ Khantuul Trade LLC ₮159,090,909.09 2021-08-25
SHPOV Lot 1 Vehicles for operation of Selbe heating plant, /Lot 1/ Munkhada LLC ₮216,250,000.00 2021-07-28
SHPM Lot 1 Truck and machinery for Selbe heating plant /Lot 1/ Badrangui orshikh LLC ₮246,800,000.00 2021-07-28
SHPTC Testing and commissioning of Selbe heating plant JV of International power LLC and Termo calorie LLC ₮532,608,000.00 2021-07-26
T1-CS6/EEM Consulting Service for External Environmental Monitoring Socio Environmental Service LLC ₮71,649,000.00 2021-05-21
SHPSW Lot 3 Supply of PPE, fire protection and tools for the operation of Selbe heating plant /Lot 3/ Tsogt Erchim LLC ₮107,856,000.00 2021-05-05
T3-CS02 External LAR monitoring Urban future planning consulting LLC ₮566,140,000.00 2021-05-05
SHPSW Lot 1, 2 Supply of PPE, fire protection and tools for the operation of Selbe heating plant /Lot 1, 2/ Euro Asia Service LLC ₮302,088,600.00 2021-05-05
TFP Flood protection and drainage in Tolgoit subcenter JV of Mongol Management Center LLC and Ulaanbaatar Management LLC ₮4,718,411,143.73 2021-03-30
VSI Lot 1 Purchase of vehicles for site investigation Mongolia Hyundai Automative LLC ₮264,000,000.00 2021-03-25
SHPOF Lot 3 Supply of laboratory equipment for Selbe heating plant operation Tsetsuukh trade LLC ₮88,360,090.91 2021-03-24
SHPOF Lot 2 Supply of office equipment for Selbe heating plant operation Summit computer technology LLC ₮38,903,181.82 2021-03-22
SHPOF Lot 1 Supply of kitchen equipment for Selbe heating plant operation Khashkhan LLC ₮53,372,727.00 2021-03-22
T2-CS03 External environmental monitoring Od Dynamic LLC ₮282,272,000.00 2021-03-11
DDCD-BKH Community development service center for Bayankhoshuu JV of Tesh Agi Construction LLC and IDC Property LLC ₮2,940,919,225.00 2021-03-01
DDPK-BKH Construction of public parks for Bayankhoshuu subcenter Duuren trade LLC ₮2,385,246,984.34 2021-03-01
ASKG-BKH Construction of kindergarten for Bayankhoshuu subcenter Tsast Construction LLC ₮3,999,714,078.08 2021-02-09
TFBA Temporary fencing for construction for Bayankhoshuu subcenter Mandakh Oroin Tovgor LLC ₮186,315,750.00 2020-12-25
T2-CS05 Consulting Service contract on detailed engineering design and supervision (Tranche-3) Wapcos Limited (India) in association with PCDP LLC, Engineering Geodezy LLC, Erchim Tusul LLC, Usny Erchim LLC, Project City LLC, NBCC LLC and JEMR LLC $3,566,500.00 2020-12-25